Foundation Course

Sunnah Academy offers a two-year online foundation course which is based off of the traditional dars-e-nizami curriculum. Each year consists of three semesters.

Over two years, our course covers the following subjects:

Subjects (in order of study) Books studied
Ilm-us-Sarf (Arabic morphology)
  1. Treasures of Arabic Morphology in English/ Ilm us Sarf
Ilm-un-Nahw (Arabic syntax) –
  1. Tasheel ul Nahw in English/ Ilm us Nahw
  2. Sharh Miat Aamil
  1. Zubdatul Fiqh (Kitab ul Taharah, Kitab ul Salah, Kitab ul Saum)
  2. Mukhtasar Qudoori
  1. Zaad ul Talibeen
Tafseer of the 30th Juz
  1. Jamal ul Qu’ran
  2. Fawaid Makkiyyah
  1. Selections from “Be courteous, be blessed”
  2. Selections from Masnoon Aamal (Sunnah Actions)
Arabic Composition
  1. Muallim ul Insha
Mantiq (Logic)
  1. Tayseer al Mantiq
  2. Isaghoji

There are currently two on-going foundation courses with the timings being tailored for two geographical locations.

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