1. Which platform is used for online classes?
    All classes are taught using the online learning tool WizIQ.com. Students can listen to the class through their computer’s speakers or headphones. Students will need to have access to high speed internet to join the class. Please  read the detailed instructions about using WizIQ for our classes.
  2. Are all online classes live?
    Yes all online classes are live.
  3. Do you charge fees?
    The charge for each semester is USD 100. The academic year is broken up into three semesters. Financial aid is available upon request.
  4. If this is a non-profit academy, why do you charge fees?
    It is our experience that students become more committed to a class if they are paying for the class. Therefore, although we are a non-profit academy, we have instituted fees for our courses.
  5. Do you also offer classes for women?
    For classes for women, please visit the website of Siddeeqa Institute www.siddeeqainstitute.org, an online institute for women founded by Shaykh Mustafa Kamal’s wife.
  6. Do you offer financial aid/scholarships?
    Yes, financial aid is available upon request.
  7. We are a group of students who would like to start our own class with Sunnah Academy. Can you facilitate us?
    If one of our foundation course’s timings do not suit your geographic locality and you have a group of serious students who would like to pursue traditional Islamic learning, please contact us to discuss.
  8. Is there an attendance policy?
    We expect all students to attend class regularly.
  9. Do you also offer on-site courses?
    From time to time, we have programs in different parts of the world. Please subscribe to our email list to receive updates.
  10. I would like to volunteer!
    Our goal is the revival of Sunnah. Accordingly, we invite you to be a part of this effort. Whether you are an IT expert, would like to teach a course related to the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) or have any other skill, we would love to hear from you.