Our Purpose

The purpose of this academy is the revival of the beautiful ways, the Sunnahs, of the Prophet (saw) in all their inward and outward aspects so that we may become the beloved of Allah (swt) and gain the pleasure of Allah (swt). The revival of these Sunnahs is through the dissemination of the Prophetic ‘ulum (sacred sciences) accompanied by dhikr (the remembrance of Allah) in order to beautify our lives and the lives of others with the ways of the Messenger of Allah (saw).

Ultimately, the goal is so that when we are questioned by angels as a prelude to the Day of Judgment:

  1. the angels peer into our minds and see the light of the ‘ilm which originated with the Prophet (saw);
  2. when they see our body, they see that our outward form is illuminated by our inculcation of the outward Sunnahs of the Prophet (saw); and
  3. when the angels look into our hearts, they see the light of dhikr which has illuminated our hearts and filled it with Allah (swt)’s love.